Astronomy Planner for iOS

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Plan your Night

Observer Pro is a groundbreaking app for advanced astronomy planning. No more guessing when that galaxy emerges from behind that pesky tree. No more estimating how many hours you'll be able to image an object. Observer Pro gives every astronomer the info they need right at their fingertips (even if you're not a Certified Astro Geek). You won't know how you did astronomy without it!

Get the info you need

Observer Pro gives you the information you need in an easy to digest visual format. Use the simple interface to painlessly plan your observing and imaging. Easily search through hundreds of potential objects to figure out exactly how you want to spend your time at the eyepiece.

Complete Visibility Outlook

Find the best time to observe any object. Plan for tonight, next week, or three months from now. Observer Pro can use your local horizon to give you the most accurate picture of object visibility. Compare multiple Observing Sites to determine the best spot to setup your scope.

Browse Reference Photos

Reference photos are included for all 14,000 objects in Observer Pro. No downloads necessary! Object catalog includes complete NGC and IC catalogs.

Measure Your Horizon in Minutes

Use your iPhone to measure your local horizon. All visibility charts and calculations factor in your actual horizon. Take all the guesswork out of planning your observing. Get the most out of your imaging time.

View a Unique Sky Map and a Convenient Finder Chart

Easily view when and where an object's visibility will be best in your sky. The Sky Map shows you where the object is amongst the stars, and also visualizes where the object will be in your sky. View a close-up Finder Chart to help locate faint targets.

What Astronomer's Are Saying about ObserverPro

"Every astronomer with an iPhone should own this app!"

- Astronomy Technology Today magazine (read review)

"Observer Pro is the most impressive astronomy app that I have tried out. I enthusiastically commend it to you!"

- Tom Mote, Professor Emeritus, Astronomy

"I have been using it since the day it first became available and I cannot live without it now."

- Sedat B., Cloudy Nights forum